In August of 2017, I made a commitment to helping my dogs, Bane and Kai live the healthiest, and hopefully the longest life possible. After lots of research, reading, and calculating, I switched them both to a raw diet. I started noticing improvements in their overall health almost right away; but I ran into a problem.


I knew I wanted to cut processed foods out of their diets but the raw meat was far too messy to use for training purposes. Both of my dogs have training sessions daily so this was a big problem for me. I didn’t want them to never have treats again and everything I saw at the store had an ingredient list a mile long of things I could hardly pronounce.


That’s when I made the jump and purchased my first at home dehydrator. It was love at first sniff for the boys. From the second the dehydrator was filled and turned on, the boys were circling in the kitchen like hungry sharks and the final product did not disappoint. I no longer had to worry about the mess or bacteria associated with raw treats, nor the additives and preservatives in store bought treats. I felt good about giving them species appropriate, simple meat treats and they continued to look and feel their best from the inside out.


Bane and Kai are my pride and joy so after posting a few photos and videos of them training for these new treats, my inbox began to fill with people wanting some of these healthy meat treats for their pets too! I believe that every pet owner deserves to give their pets treats that are guilt free. With absolutely no carbs, fruits, veggies, fillers or preservatives, you don’t have to worry about giving your pet too many of their favorite snacks.


These treats are species appropriate and won’t upset even the most sensitive of dogs’ bellies. When your dog feels ill, most people know to feed their dog boiled chicken and rice. These treats follow the same concept that with only one ingredient that is easily digestible and species appropriate, you don’t have to worry about your pet getting an upset belly. Whether your pet is kibble fed, raw fed, or fed a home cooked diet, these treats are for them!


What you see is what you get- nothing more, and nothing less. I hope that everyone and their beloved pets enjoy these treats as much as we do!